Dental Implant Solutions

Why is a dental implant is your best choice?

Dental implants are the most effective way to replace missing, loose or badly broken-down teeth.

A dental implant is a titanium root that is positioned beneath your gums. It is the perfect long-term solution for a missing tooth or teeth. We can remedy spacing that a bridge or denture would normally fill by mounting replacement teeth to the implanted root form base

A dental implant is the best long-term choice to date that will encourage bone stability, deter bone loss and preserve the adjacent teeth, since we do not need to clasp or drill these teeth. And there is hardly any discomfort at all. Life span of an implant is approximately 25 years or more!

Reasons why you should consider a Shine Dental Implant

Reason #1 Encourages bone growth around the area of the implant.

Reason #2 Detours bone loss around the area of the implant

Reason #3 No shaving of teeth as with a bridge.

Reason #4 No loosening of adjacent teeth as with a partial denture.

Reason #5 Lower long-term costs as opposed to replacement of a bridge.

Reason #6 Longer life span than any other tooth replacement therapy.

Dental implants are a very important consideration if you need to replace many or all of your teeth. Shine Dental recommends a Dental Implant Consultation to discuss your concerns, assess your situation and offer the different options available.

How much does a Shine Dental Implant cost?

Our unique methods of Dentistry mean that for almost every patient there is still hope and several options from which to choose. After you choose one of Dr. Brent’s exclusive options to permanently solve your problems, you’ll feel great about having regained the normal chewing, long-lasting beauty, and comfort that you deserve.

Dentistry that works well and lasts IS expensive, just like everything else in life these days. We wish it wasn’t true but it simply is. The good news is that you will have a hard time naming another investment you can make for yourself that provides the dividends of a pleasing smile and comfortable chewing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Prospective patients often ask, “What’s a ball park on cost?” Attempting to give you an exact range of costs for your specific situation over the phone is impossible since your problems and needs are unique just to you. We could have a “one size fits all fee”, but some patients would greatly underpay and others would greatly overpay. Hardly anyone would think that was fair! Dr. Brent devised a complete dental examination to eliminate guessing so you can obtain your “one of a kind” options complete with costs and a timeline for your treatment. All of this is presented to you, in a clear and concise manner.

If You Are Missing One or Two Teeth

Solutions to restore gaps in your smile can differ in cost depending on the variables and complexities involved in the procedure. The general price for this type of implant procedure can range anywhere from $2000‐$8000.

If You Have No Teeth, Are Wearing Dentures, Or Your Natural Teeth Are Shot

New teeth can be attached to implants and are either non-removable or removable from the implants. Removable is less complicated and thus less costly. Non-removable are the best option and are more costly because of complexity.

The lowest cost dental implant options start at $6500-$10,000 per jaw.

***IF you already have a perfect denture and perfect bone structure under the denture (a VERY rare occurrence).

For the newest technologies such as “Teeth in a Day”, treatment can be $25,000-$35,000 per jaw.

***In the most extreme cases, where patients waited a very-very long time to seek a solution, care can surpass $50,000 PER jaw (also a rare occurrence).

If Your Natural Teeth Are Worn Down and You Are 'Tired' From The Aging Process and/or You Are Missing Some or Many Of Your Natural Teeth

You probably need a reconstruction using implants and crowns/veneers on your natural teeth. What’s a reconstruction you ask? Think of it as a remodel for your mouth and just like remodeling one hundred year old house, reconstructions are complicated scenarios. All the more reason you need one of a kind answers like we provide.

Reconstructions range from $25,000-$50,000 per jaw.

The cost of your Dental Implant treatment depends on various circumstances, including:

Dental implants are a very important consideration if you need to replace many or all of your teeth. Shine Dental recommends a Dental Implant Consultation to discuss your concerns, assess your situation and offer the different options available.

When our Dental Implant Doctor has assessed all of these areas we will create your Shine Dental Implant Plan. Your plan will detail recommended treatment, details about the treatment, costs, and time frames.

Your Dental Implant needs to evaluate the suitability of all of your teeth so that their health is maintained during and after your Dental Implant Treatment.

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