I want to get rid of my dentures entirely...

It's a fact; over 5 million Canadians have made the choice to invest in dentures. For some of these people, having dentures is a lifesaver and for others it is a constant cause for frustration.

Dentures are a highly popular restorative dental treatment; unfortunately, this type of replacement procedure can have a negative impact on your lifestyle.

Do you experience

If you have worn dentures and are tired of dentures ruining your eating, speech, and appearance, then stop suffering. The solution is easy and more importantly, life changing!

If you are placing a full denture or already have one, you are limited to three options for holding the denture in place: denture pastes, stabilizing implants, or a wing and a prayer.

The pastes and creams need to be reapplied often and still can’t stand up to the test of eating certain foods. It will only keep the denture in place under minimal pressure.

Bone Loss

Bone loss is another problem that is associated with dentures. Bone loss results when the bones and gums begin to shrink after tooth removal.

This bone recession can cause problems with the fitting of the dentures and may cause you to need denture revisions later on which in turn can be costly and frustrating for many people. In addition, bone loss is a problem if you decide that you want to have dental implants in the future.

With dental implants, the denture is held in place securely and will not move under heavy chewing loads. The chewing ability grows exponentially with denture stabilized implants. The chewing capacity is out of 100. Of course, 100 is great and 0 is bad.

Our option for replacing your dentures is a permanent All-On-4.

This is a prosthesis secured by 4 implants, and the best solution available for replacing all of your teeth!

Real Results

This patient lost her teeth due to a hereditary disease. Dr Brent used an All-On-4 dental procedure to enhance her smile!

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