I just lost a tooth...

Countless Canadians have congenitally missing teeth, a condition almost always linked to genetics. This condition prevents one or more of their permanent teeth from ever forming.

Everybody is at risk of losing a tooth; it could be as easy as a slip on the sidewalk or eating a hard piece of food. In Canada, anywhere from three to five million teeth are involuntarily knocked out every year.

Accidents happen all the time. In fact, the upper front permanent teeth are the most common teeth to be completely knocked out.

These are the options for a missing tooth or teeth

1. Minor Chip

When the tooth is slightly damaged and a small piece breaks off.

Solution: The tooth may be polished or repaired with a small white filling.

2. Moderate Chip

Solution: The tooth can be repaired with a white filling or crown.

3. Major Break

When the tooth may be restored with a white filling or a crown after having a root canal treatment to treat the exposed nerve.

Solution: The tooth can be repaired with a white filling or crown.

4. Gum Line Fracture

A tooth that has broken off at the gum line, leaving only the root behind.

Solution: In order to keep the tooth, major restoration to the root, crown, and bone is required. An alternative solution to major surgery is a simple extraction.

5. Root Fracture

A tooth that has cracked deeper into the tooth and goes under the gums.

Solution: The only option here is to extract the entire tooth and roots. A replacement tooth such as a Shine Dental Implant is an option.

Health Risks

Losing a tooth can cause more than just health problems. It directly affects your self-esteem.

Some of the problems associated with lost teeth include:

In order to prevent these problems, there are many options to replace your lost teeth and keep you shining your brightest.

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